Expectations ...

We're getting close to actually ordering equipment, maybe even as early as this week. Ken and I were discussing what all needs to be done and it occurred to us that we'd better give you folks an idea of how long this will take.

Ken's example was this: If we got ALL the equipment tomorrow, it would still likely be 60 days until the new station is on the air.

Both major pieces will need to be set up, the Kenwood repeater itself (comes with programming software) and the Arcom controller (also comes with programming software).

Then we have accessories to get ready. There's the phone patch, the receiver for the Stadium Remote, the new control receiver. Once we get all those various pieces working together, and making RF (into a dummy load), we'll probably want to let it burn in for a few days as a unit, just to shake out what we call in IT "infant mortality" - new parts that die right away.

Once we're happy with that, then we'll need to move it to the site and start the real work. The biggest item that will need "tuning" is the audio levels - everything, the main receiver, the autopatch, and the Stadium Remote, all have to have levels that match.

It will get done ... just give us the time to do it right!

Thanks & 73,

N5UWY for the Tech Comm

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