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I'll post a PDF of the Tech Comm's repeater report here in a few days. The committee realized that there will be a lot going on over the next 60-90 days in regards to the repeater and that we needed to keep SCARS members up to date. So, a blog.

We have decided on the equipment, as we discussed briefly at the last meeting.

The main RF section will be a Kenwood TKR-750. This is a commercial Land Mobile repeater that covers the 2 meter ham band. Commercial repeaters basically have a CWID and not a lot else in terms of features. Fortunately, there is a plug on the back ...

To that plug, we'll be connecting an Arcom RC-210 repeater controller. We're ordering a number of accessories as well, including the automatic telephone patch board. The controller is what will give us the ability to have an autopatch, announcements, etc.

Some Hamtronics UHF receivers (for the Stadium Remote and the new control receiver) will round out the major purchases.

Oh, and of course, a weather-proof cabinet to house it all!

More later.

de N5UWY

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