About that cabinet ...

Ken B has a cabinet suitable for temporarily housing the new repeater.

In the meantime, we have been actively seeking a new weather-resistant cabinet and believe we have found a suitable candidate. Please see http://www.ddbunlimited.com/indoor-nema-enclosures.htm. The one that meets the club's needs is the model ST-30D. One neat feature: these cabinets are built right here in Wynnewood, Oklahoma!

Many members have suggested that we should be able to find a surplus cabinet. Thus far, however, the members of the Tech Committee have not been successful scroungers. So, a challenge. If any member can find a suitable enclosure (19" rack, minimum inside depth of 18", maximum inside depth of 24", front and back doors, prefer one with filtered vents) and can deliver it to N5KUK, then the club will take it with thanks!

If, however, no one is able to come up with one by the next meeting (July 14), then we will work towards purchasing a cabinet from the above supplier.

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