443.7 repeater down

5/8: As of about 08:00 this morning, the UHF system was down. 147.06 and the NORMAN digipeater (144.3900 MHz) seemed to be OK. A site visit will be made, weather permitting.

Update 5/9: KC5OU made a site visit yesterday. He was able to reset the power on the NORMAN digipeater, but the power supply for the 443.7000 UHF system is, apparently, dead. Further updates soon.

Update 5/18: The 440 machine has been transported to N5KUK for diagnosis and repair (and cleaning!). If repair time is to be "extended", we may be able to turn up an interim system. Stay tuned!

Update 5/19: Looks like we may be back on the air sooner than later as damage was less than feared! Again, stay tuned!