Main receiver down

The main receiver on the VHF system is in an intermittent state, due either to lightning or to the 18 feet of rain we've had. Ken B has been out to look at what can be done and as of about 0830 local on Saturday, the main receiver (the "+ input") was functioning normally. The Stadium Remote (the "- input") has functioned correctly all along.

As a reminder, your HT, mobile, or home station should have the following channels programmed into memory slots:

  • 147.0600 +600 kHz offset, transmit tone 141.3 Hz
  • 147.0600 -600 kHz offset, transmit tone 141.3 Hz
  • 147.0600 simplex, transmit tone 141.3 Hz
Following this pattern allows switching between repeater receivers with a minimum of hassles.

The repeater also transmits the 141.3 Hz tone, but whether you include that in your configuration is up to you.

If you can set channels to be "skipped" or "locked out" on scan, you should consider doing that for the 2nd and 3rd channels above as they all carry the same audio.

Why the simplex version? Should the repeater go down completely, you will be able to talk to folks on the repeater's output frequency. This will alert others to the fact that the system is down since they may be able to hear you.