Stadium Remote

SCARS holds a coordination on the 147.0600/147.6600 pair. We do not hold a coordination for 146.46. AC6GT has put up an IRLP or Echolink node on 146.46 in South OKC. Needless to say, this gets into the "minus input" quite well. As a result, we have disabled the Stadium Remote pending a decision on further upgrades.

The tentative plan is to complete the main repeater upgrade and then devote some time to the remote. Current thinking is to replace the channel element on it's VHF receiver with one crystalled for 147.66 and to switch to a different CTCSS tone. This would mean that in the future, you would switch tones instead of switching inputs when using the "in-town".

Another option is to acquire a voter and then use the voter to repeat the best signal it hears, regardless of which receiver is in use. This would be a large expense and an even larger expense of effort.