Stadium Remote is ON THE AIR

Ken KC5OU has refurbished the Stadium Remote and it is back in service atop the OU Football Stadium press box.

A new channel element was installed moving the input to 147.660, the same as the main receiver. To use the Stadium Remote, please use tone 100.0.

Consider the next few weeks as a "test" to make sure that all is well.

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foonman50 said...

The first week of August I went to the county barn and checked the UHF link rec'r. It was plenty good on receive for a link rec'r ABout 114 DBM. I also checked the transmitter output on 7.06. It was 39 watts out of the duplexer. With feedline loss and all our ERP is probably about 65 to 70 watts. That should be plenty of power for our coverage.