The repeater, not the Weird Al movie.

Please tune to 443.7000 MHz, tone 141.3, and give it a test drive.

This 10-year-newer Motorola unit was a gift from Ken, KC5OU, who found it online and gave it a new home. Controller for the unit is a Computer Automation Technology CAT-200B. Although used, it is in very clean condition.

KC5OU and your editor took it out to the site and installed it today.

While the antenna remains at about 175' AGL, the new unit puts out a little over 25 W versus the 7 W of the old unit. That should give us a little more range.

The Technical Committee solicits your feedback on the voice quality as well as range.

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wx4chr said...

Thanks Ken and all you guys on the Tech Committee! Sure wish I was up there to give it a test drive myself. I'll make sure I do that next time I'm in Oklahoma. -WX4CHR