2015 Report

Let's see if we can wrap up the year in SCARS -- and other -- radio infrastructure.
  • The tower project is finally finished.  This took way longer than anyone expected when we started in 2007 but it's done.  The 147.06 repeater (radio, controller, power supply, cabinet) has been replaced.  The 443.7 repeater has been replaced -- a side project entirely done and paid for by KC5OU.  Those parts of the project were done a few years back.  Recently, both antennas (DB224E for 2m and DB404 for 70 cm) were been replaced and both have new 7/8" Andrew Heliax feeding them.  Finally, there is a new Yagi and new feedline for the link to the remote receiver at the stadium.  
  • The NORMAN APRS digipeater remains out of service.  Members of your SCARS technical committee installed what was thought to be a working digipeater (radio, TNC, power supply) in December but, unfortunately, while the radio would transmit, no AFSK was heard.  
  • The Stadium remote receiver ("In Town") also remains out of service.  New (to SCARS) land mobile radios and assorted parts are in  the committee's possession but system integration has gone slower than expected.

In other news, the N5MS repeater on 146.88 MHz has been back on the air since August.  N5MS has also put into service a new UHF repeater at 443.825 MHz.  This repeater is a DMR repeater.  Time Slot 1 is set on the "North America" talkgroup and Time Slot 2 is set to "local".   Like OU's D-STAR repeater, this DMR repeater is connected to others via the internet.  Watch for another D-STAR repeater to come online in 2016, also sponsored by N5MS.

Keep an ear on 444.55 MHz as well - KE5CZA has taken over the coordination of the W5IF repeater that used to be in Purcell and hopefully it will be in service soon.