Repeater Site Expedition Report - 2018-10-18

Today, Mark, N5HZR, and Peter, N5UWY, again visited their vacation home, the repeater site.

New firmware was installed in the Arcom controller and a new, known config was loaded.  The voice tracks that had been in the repeater controller previously may be there now, but it's not clear from the documentation how those are loaded using the current firmware and programming software so mark it as "maybe".  Users may hear some testing to determin if those really did get loaded.  If those voice tracks are there, expect to hear the repeater announce things like meeting reminders in the future.  If not, there will have to be Yet Another visit to the site.

The ERROR ERROR message should be gone.  The hang time after mobile stations unkey should be at 3 seconds.  As always, the repeater time-out is set to 180 seconds (3 minutes) so remember to let the courtesy tone sound after the other station stops transmitting to ensure that the time-out timer gets reset.