06 power update (UPDATED 9/22)

06 (and the UHF repeater and the Norman digi) are back on the air.

There was a fault in the underground power feed to the county radio hut.  The power provider has connected a generator to keep the radio equipment and tower safety lighting on.

Please note that repairs are not yet complete with no time-line known to this reporter.

It is expected that repeater service will be interrupted at least once and perhaps multiple times when commercial power is restored.

Your patience is appreciated.

UPDATE 2011-09-22: OEC has completed its work as has AT&T.  We now expect another 5+ years of uninterrupted service.  Many thanks to John G of the Cleveland Co Sheriff's Office for allowing us access to the site and coordinating repairs. 


147.0600 off the air

Looks like the power supply may have "crowbarred."  We are unable to access the site until Thursday afternoon, so in the meantime, please avail yourselves of SCARS' 443.7000+ (141.3) repeater or N5MS' OU repeater at 146.8800- (CSQ).